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March 13, 2020
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May 21, 2020
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Rex Silentium MGX CUSTOM



In state buyers come to MR SILENCER to consumate the purchase.

I have the digital fingerprint kiosk here in shop.  All Trustees must use the kiosk, and the passport photo feature.

Everything 41F done in house, no Sheriff needed.

Out of state buyers must have a copy of their local FFL/SOT sent to with Order # attached within 7 days.

Transfers initiated within 24 hours or receipt of FFL/SOT.


This item is custom and comes in varied numbers of baffles and calibers. Due to the customizations available, please call our shop at (480)-788-5759 to discuss options.

Baffles: 3, 4(+$45), 5(+$90), 6(+$135), 7(+$180), 8(+$225), 9(+$270), 10(+$315), 11(+$360), 12(+$405), 13(+$470), 14(+$520), 15(+$590)

Calibers: .224, .243, .257, .364, .227, .284, .308, .338, .358, .375, .400, .458, .500

The MG X is a platform for you to get the exact suppressor you want.

Starting with 3 baffles, you tell us how many baffles and what bore diameter you need. We do the rest for you in about a week. Not a one size fits all proposition, we will custom cut your bore to your desired caliber.

From 3 baffles up to 15 or anything in between, you get a custom suppressor done exactly your way. Want a special serial number or logo, just let us know.

Yes! NFA Dealers can order customs too!


Standing on the shoulders of the GEN3 Fidelis Rifle Suppressor, the MG pushes the suppression-centric design further. Now in a tubeless embodiment, we have leveraged the years of development and testing to craft a tough, light and above all, quiet suppressor.

Ready to take on your wildest host, whether a wildcat, ultra magnum, Weatherby magnum or just a vanilla 30 caliber, the MG can handle whatever punishment you choose. Backed by our lifetime, no bullshit warranty we designed the MG to be easily recored should you ever have any problems. The serial number and engraving is at the very back of the suppressor body. This is the safest place in the event of a baffle strike. If you ever damage to the suppressor we can recore it fast and return it to factory new condition in a matter of days.

Precision CNC machined from 100% 17-4PH stainless steel, fully welded then hardened to the max. The final result is a suppressor with a hardness of 45-47Rc and tensile strength of 190,000psi. Go ahead… mag dump, bump fire or swing your selector to full auto. This suppressor is ready to last a lifetime or two or three!

In addition to the design of the suppressor itself, we also made our assembly systems easily adaptable to custom orders. If you need a special bore size for your host firearm or even a special length, we can build it for you. Our manufacturing cells are flexible enough to accommodate one-off custom assemblies. We can even customize your serial number.

The MG and all of our rifle suppressors are compatible with industry standard quick disconnect (QD) mounts. The main thread on the back of the suppressor is 1.375-24. There are many options for QD mounts on the market.

Key Features and Specs:

    • Tubeless & Fully Welded
    • Industry Standard 1.375-24 Main Thread Mount
    • 100% 17-4PH Stainless Steel Hardened to 45-47Rc at 190,000psi Tensile
    • Overall length varies: 3 baffle assembly measures 4.1″ add 0.5″ per baffle thereafter


  • Weight varies with each baffle: 3 baffle assembly weighs 8.2oz add 1.3oz per baffle thereafter
  • 1.70″ Diameter
  • Unique RAW Flat Bronze Heat Treated Finish
  • Full Auto Rated
  • No Barrel Length Restrictions
  • Easy to Recore
  • Lifetime, No BS Warranty

Compatible Cartridges for this suppressor (depending on bore diameter):

17 Hornet
17 Rem. Fireball
17 Remington
20 Vartarg
20 Vartarg Turbo
20 Tactical
204 Ruger
20 PPC
20 BR
22 Hornet
218 Bee
221 Fireball
222 Remington
223 Remington
222 Rem. Mag.
219 Zipper
22 Valkyrie
22 Nosler
225 Winchester
22-250 Rem.
220 Swift
223 WSSM
6mm x 45
6mm PPC
6mm BR Rem.
6mm BR Norma
6mm XC
243 Winchester
6mm Remington
243 WSSM
240 Wby. Mag.256 Win. Mag.
25-35 Win.
250-3000 Savage
257 Roberts & +P
257 Roberts AI
25-06 Remington
257 Wby. Mag.
6.5 Grendel
6.5mmx50 Ariska
6.5mmx47 Lapua
6.5 Creedmoor
260 Remington
6.5×55 Swede
6.5×284 Win.
6.5×284 Norma
6.5 Rem. Mag.
264 Win. Mag.
6.8 SPC
270 Winchester
270 WSM
270 Wby. Mag.
7mm-30 Waters
7x57mm Mauser
7mm-08 Rem.
284 Winchester
280 Remington
7mm Rem. Mag.
7mm WSM
7mm STW
28 Nosler
30 M1 Carbine
300 AAC Blackout
30 BR Remington
30-30 Win.
30 Remington AR
300 Savage
307 Winchester
308 Marlin Express
30 T/C
308 Winchester
30-06 Springfield
300 H&H Mag.
300 RCM
300 WSM
308 Norma Mag.
300 Win. Mag.
300 Wby. Mag.
30 Nosler
300 Norma Mag.
300 RUM
7.62×39 Russian
7.65×53 Mauser
303 British
7.7×58 Arisaka
7.62x54R Russia
8x57mm JS
325 WSM
8mm Rem. Mag.
338 Federal
338 RCM
338 Win. Mag.
340 Wby. Mag.
338 RUM
338 Lapua
348 Winchester
356 Winchester
35 Remington
358 Winchester
35 Whelen
375 Ruger
375 H&H Mag.
375 RUM
416 Rem. Mag.
444 Marlin
450 Bushmaster
45-70 Government
458 Win. Mag.
458 Lott


Additional information

10 Baffles, 11 Baffles, 12 Baffles, 13 Baffles, 14 Baffles, 15 Baffles, 3 Baffle, 4 Baffles, 5 Baffles, 6 Baffles, 7 Baffles, 8 Baffles, 9 Baffles


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