BCM Charging Handle
BCM Charging Handle
September 23, 2016
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Superlative Arms .750 Adjustable Piston System – Pistol Length – Solid – Melonited – Low Pro – AR15
September 23, 2016
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Griffin Armament SN-ACH Ambi Configurable Handle

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The SN-ACH (Suppressor Normalized Ambidextrous Charging Handle) is a patent pending modernized, feature filled charging handle that will satisfy any AR15 user. The SN-ACH features a gas check groove and a suppressor gas vent that reduces gas in the face of the shooter when using a suppressor. Configurable levers were also added so that a user could choose to run the included large lever, which works with gloved hands, or purchase and modularly use the smaller levers (available separately)without having to buy an entirely new handle at a excessive cost. The bolt carrier engaging hook features durable reinforced geometry for 30% increase in strength over milspec handles and approximately 3 times as strong as inferior 6061 handles which routinely break under hard use. Fitment bearing surfaces on the handle mating ensures reduced wobble fitment with the Ar15 and AR10 upper reciever. The handle is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coated for optimal wear resistance- the Griffin SN-ACH is the finest charging handle available for the AR series family of firearms.

AR15- fits all typical AR-15/M-4/M16 family firearms
AR-10- fits Armalite AR10, KAC SR25/M110, DPMS LR308 rifles and rifles with SR-25/AR10/LR-308 compatible charging handles.

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