Build an “SBR” Program

One of the best things about the “BUILD an SBR” program is choosing exactly what you want on your gun, with no throw away parts.

Building an AR-15, SAIGA-12, 10/22, or Pistol Caliber Subgun is laden with choices as far as a .338LM can choot!

Depending on the receiver set, $500-900(Battle Arms PDW integral) down payment on day one gets the paperwork to Atlanta and your wait started.

During the gestation of your stamp, you contribute to the “BUILD BOX” here and there until you have reached your desired build status.

NFA Manufacturers are REQUIRED to provide a complete weapon to the owner.  There is no such thing as an “SBR LOWER”.  It doesn’t become an SBR until the upper pins on.

Most builds are in the $1200-1600 range, but have gone past 5 grand with Cerakote, Trijicon, Aimpoint, Triggers, Piston drive, PDW Stocks, and Titanium!