“Pew so Hard” is a thing I guess

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February 23, 2017
1919 A4 Machine Gun
Inland Arms 1919 A4 Browning Machine Gun Tripod kit
September 19, 2017

“Pew so Hard” is a thing I guess

Suppressed pistols


Wondering what the coolest thing in 22 pew is this year? Wondering what to do with your summer bonus? Here is a collection of the latest greatest rimfire tools of mass silence. In celebration of the congressional committee hearing, take a look at some of the best ways to protect your hearing. From the loaded Volquartsen framed SRT Arms integral for a whopping $1600 to the Simple and elegant Ruger MKIV Lite pistols around $459, and best of the best in rimfire suppression options. Come take a look and we will get you in the know.

We love our rimfire game around here. Round after round of cheap shots. Shot after shot of pure 115dB silence.

Whether you PEW HARD or PEW SOFT, there is a can for you.

Pew so Hard with the Ruger MKIV Bronze edition

Pew Pew has never been easier and more fun with the advent of these cool tools.

The SRT Arms integrally suppressed upper on this sweet Volquartsen 22/45 frame create an amazing combo. Let’s call it pew to the max.

The Rugged Oculus on the Ruger MKIV lite makes an amazing pew combo in the shortest possible config.